Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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Fresh & clean water is a limited resource While most of the world is covered in water, salt water can only be drank after desalination which is a costly process. Incidences such as droughts further restrict access to clean and fresh water, which is a sign  that people need to take steps to reduce water consumption and save as much water as possible.
why ?
For three reasons, people should do their best to preserve water. The less water people use or waste, the less polluted the clean water. In some situations, the use of excess water pressures septic and sewage systems, contributing to groundwater contamination when untreated, dirty water streams into the soil from the sewage system.
Water conservation reduces energy consumption and can even save money for households.  The less water a household uses, the less their water bill will cost them Appliances use water, such as washing machines and dishwashing machines, also use considerable power.
Water conservation also allows towns and regions to prepare in the future for more effective use of water resources. If most of the clean water in an area is lost, there will be no water for future generations to use,  which mean that the city will need to find new ways to produce clean fresh water which will increase the taxes you will pay
How ?
  1. Toilets use around 30% of your total water use in the home. The amount of water they use can be decreased by switching your old toilet that uses 3.5 gallons of water to the newer model that uses 1.28 gallons of water 
  2. Reduce your shower time 
  3. Check for leaks 
  4. Change your old appliences with new energy efficient ones 
Save water Save Earth
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